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Thank you for taking advantage of NJSTENO’S 24-hour dictation services. Upon receipt of each dictated summary, it is our goal to have it transcribed and returned to the dictating attorney within 48 hours via e-mail.

The asterisked fields are mandatory. The un-asterisked fields are case specific and will ensure that our finished product is accurate regarding proper names, places of work, physicians’ names, et cetera, as the reporter transcribing the summary was not actually present at the deposition.

Please fill out the form below as completely as possible before each summary dictation.
*Dictating Attorney:
*Dictating Attorney's Email (Lower Case):
*Date of dictation mm/dd/yyyy
*Dictation Time:
*Case Caption:
*Claims Representative:
*Claim Number:
Witness Name and Address:
Proper Names:
Doctors' Names
(Both treating and expert):
Employer's Names:
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